Gas Regulators
Paarth Pressure Regulators are precisely designed for use in gas systems to reduce the pressure from a high pressure source to a safe working pressure.
Paarth Pressure Regulators are...
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Gas Filling Device
Paarth Gas Filling and Transfer Device is designed to fill or transfer a gas from one source of high pressure content to other source of low pressure content.
The process of gas filling or gas transfer is made very...
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Flashback Arrestors
Flashback may occur on any flammable gas whether used in cutting, welding, heating, firing, soldering, melting or used for any purpose in any application. The flammable gas may return back quickly and reach the source or tank...
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Thank you for visiting Paarth Valves Pvt. Ltd.. (PVPL) a world-class manufacturer of Safety And Gas Products. PVPL’s products are made for the Nuclear Power Plants, Defense Factories, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Beverage & Food, Fertilizers, Pharmaceutical, Engineering Industries and Biotech industries. PVPL’s valves are ‘Engineered for Quality’ to meet the strictest of processing requirements.

The Vision is to contribute into development of Gas Handaling Equipments with major Considrations of safty of people Associated in handaling of gas products
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Our Products:
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