Gas Saver & Safety Switch

The flame of a torch needs adjustments during the processes of welding, brazing, metal cutting, soldering, heating, firing, melting etc. The flame is adjusted through control knobs provided on a torch for a fuel gas and oxygen.

The setting or adjustment of the flame is essential once it is put off irrespective one carries the same process repetitively.

Normally a torch is not shut off during a small discussion or a short break. A hanger or a holder is rarely available for the placement of the torch.

The repetitive processes for the flame adjustment are cumbersome and it tends to lower the performance, productivity and safety of a person.

Paarth Gas Saver and Safety Switch eliminates and resolves all the problems, saves costly gases, increases the productivity and enhances the safety in a shop.

» Prevents the wastage of gases.
» Increases the Production.
» Ensures better safety.
» Easy ignition with the pilot burner.
» Torch adjustment is not
» required when re-igniting.
» Smooth flame out by hanging the torch on the lever.
» Can be Used Constantly
» Electrically Powered
» Auto Start Flame
» Designed for both Acetylene and LPG gases.
» Applicable for all torches.
» Mountable on a desired location.
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