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Paarth Pressure Regulators are precisely designed for use in gas systems to reduce the pressure from a high pressure source to a safe working pressure.

Paarth Pressure Regulators are built for positive control of the pressure in a gas stream.

Paarth Single Stage Pressure Regulators are available with one or two gauges for single step down of source to outlet pressure where operator can monitor and adjust the Regulator as needed or where the Regulator is supplied a nearly constant source pressure.

Paarth Dual Stage Pressure Regulators are designed for services requiring a constant delivery pressure. The first stage of the Regulator reduces the inlet pressure to about three times the maximum working pressure where second stage monitors actual outlet pressure regulation to a desired level.

Paarth Pressure Regulators are built for every individual industry Needs for all the gases normally used in the industries. Special Purpose Regulators are available on request.


Meets the requirements of IS 6901-1988.

Materials compatible to gasses.

Inlet connections as per IS 3224- 1979.

Manufactured to exact drawing specifications.

Outlet connections as per IS 6016- 1982.

Total interchangeability.

Rugged forged Body and Bonnet.

Smooth and constant flow of gas.

Pressure Reducing Valve assembled inside every Regulator.

Every Regulator 100% factory tested.

Sintered metal inlet filter.

Maintenance free

Outlet Control Valve for desired flow of gas.

No loose or soldered joints

Bellow type very special diaphragm.

Easy grip in operations.

Precision Pressure Indicating Gauges

Environment friendly.

High quality springs.

Test reports attached to every supply.

Pre-set Safety Valve.

Free service for warranted Regulators.

Pre-set safety Valve.

Sound Packing

Pre-set or adjustable delivery pressure. Free technical assistance.

Spanner kit on request



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