Non-Return Valves

Paarth Non-Return Valves are normally closed, leak proof, designed to prevent reverse flow in very low or high flow applications, will check in any position.

Paarth Non-Return Valves utilize a normally close design, which is entirely automatic in action and operate silently. It seals in the identical location every time, allowing more reliable sealing and prolonged life. It requires very nominal pressure to open and operate.

Paarth Non-Return Valves are made in a many different sizes, seats and body materials.

The Sealing element is pushed off the value seat no sooner the inlet pressure is sensed thus opening the value for the fluid to flow. Paarth Non-Return Valve Operates under a high flow condition with relatively no force or stress on the sealing element, which is supported internally. Paarth Non-Return Valve will close upon sensing a back flow.
» Quick opening and positive closing  
» No leakage at any differential pressure  
» Excellent flow characteristics  
» Compact in Size
» Maintenance free
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