High Flow Regulators
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Paarth High Flow Regulators are specially designed to deliver a very high flow rate of gas with a high pressure. 

Paarth High Flow Regulators are available in many different combinations of materials and thread connections to suit to individual industry requirements.


 Material of Construction


 Brass and Stainless Steel-304.

 Max. Inlet Pressure 


 Up to 250 Kg./Cm.Sq.

 Max. Outlet Pressure


 Up to 14 Kg. /Cm.Sq.

 Flow Rate


 Up to 2000 lpm (120 Cubic Mtr./Hr)           

  • Fire fighting applications viz. into a DCP truck where nitrogen gas is used to boost the water delivery to reach to a greater distance with a greater force.  
  • Gas streams where multiple delivery stations to be monitored with a common pressure control systems.

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